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Into the Woods

INTO THE WOODS is presented through a special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Original Broadway production by Heidi Landesman, Rocco Landesman, Rick Steiner, M. Anthony Fisher, Frederic H. Mayerson, and Jujamcyn Theatres.

Originally produced by the Old Globe Theater, San Diego, CA.

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

In compliance with the Healthy Elon protocols, all audience members – regardless of vaccination status – must wear masks in indoor campus spaces. Student artists who have not completed post-quarantine isolation periods are required by the University to wear N95/KN95 masks.

Director’s Notes

I have been hoping to direct Into the Woods since I first heard the original-cast Broadway recording over thirty years ago. At that time, I admired the cleverness of the concept (this was long before Shrek!) and the mind-blowing depth of its wordplay (about the cow, Milky White: “while her withers wither with her” Who in the world dreams up lyrics like that?!?) Sondheim had me hooked since I first saw Sweeney Todd years prior- this cemented the deal. I soon began to learn the breadth and depth of Mr. Stephen Sondheim’s contributions to theatre history. Mr. Sondheim’s recent death saddened us all.  While this production was in planning for months prior to his demise, I hope today that our version of Into the Woods can serve as our modest memorial to his theatrical genius.  There shall never be another.

I recall at the time hearing some critics referencing Into the Woods as a kind of allegory for the AIDS crisis. One who knows the era can easily find references to those times and the struggles so many endured. But I think to link the play to that era exclusively shortchanges its value as a work of art. Could this musical not speak to a nation shaken to its core by the unthinkable attacks of 9/11? Could the “giant” we battle today not be a global pandemic?

Part of the genius of this work lies in its ability to connect to the audience of any era at the human level. This is not a documentary about a baker and his wife- it’s not about health crises or murderous attacks. Into the Woods asks each of us to consider what do we dream and wish; to ponder the joy and folly of our dreams; to ask what do we fear, and what will we do to get what we wish; and how will we handle the reality the next morning?

What is your wish? What giant do you battle?
I wish you all the best on your journey with us this evening.

Fredrick J. Rubeck,

Special Thanks

Dr. Connie Book, Dr. Aswani Volety, Dr. Gabie Smith, Kimberly Rippy


NarratorGianni Palmarini
CinderellaSkyler Sajewski
JackBrooks Andrew
Jack’s MotherSara LiBrandi
BakerJakov Schwartzberg
Baker’s WifeSujaya Sunkara
Kayla Jacobs
FlorindaCamille Fundingsland
LucindaKaylee Hayden
Cinderella’s FatherZion Middleton
Little Red
Kelly Belarmino
WitchHannah Ellowitz
Taylor Ann Mitchell
Jaron Cole
WolfTimothy Brausch
GrannyKali Clougherty
RapunzelJackie Mate
Nathan Meyer
Brendan Coulter
StewardAlexander Carnot
GiantAbby Harnum
Snow WhiteGiselle Watts
Sleeping BeautyMicah Day
Man U/S
Gianni Palmarini
Narrator U/SJaron Cole
Giant, Witch U/STaylor Ann Mitchell
Wolf U/SBrendan Coulter
Prince U/S
Timothy Brausch
Jack’s Mother,
Stepmother U/S
Kali Clougherty
Cinderella’s Mother U/SAbby Harnum
Little Red
Ridinghood U/S
Giselle Watts
Baker, Jack U/SErik Houck
Rapunzel, Florinda, Lucinda U/S
Caroline Borio
Prince U/S
Micah Day
Baker’s Wife U/SFaythe Kelly
SwingWeston LeCrone

Creative Team

DirectorFredrick J. Rubeck
Associate DirectorBrian Kremer
Assistant to the DirectorWeston LeCrone
ChoreographerFaythe Kelly
Music DirectorChristopher Rayis
Scenic DesignerCharles G. Johnson
Costume DesignerJack Smith
PuppetsCharles G. Johnson
Sound DesignerSarah Adams
Lighting DesignerBill Webb
Stage ManagerSydney Bell
Asst. Stage ManagersHaley Robles
Kayla Jordan

Production Team

Bill Webb
Technical DirectorEric Kanzinger
Asst. Technical DirectorJP Mullican
Costume Shop ManagerHeidi Jo Scheimer
Props DirectorNatalie Taylor Hart
Props SupervisorJeff A.R. Jones
Props ArtisansAnna Gullion
Jonathan Jensen
Payton Robinson
John Lee Rudolph
Eduardo Sanchez
Jake Whitman
Scenic ArtistElizabeth Brady
Light Board OpNatalie Wykle
Followspot OpsAubee Billie
Tara Venkataraman
Audio EngineerSarah Adams
Audio 2Brianna Boucher
Sound Board OpAlan Kornbluth
Deck ChiefEric Kanzinger
Deck CrewBryant Howard
Sitare Sadeghi
Fly OperatorCharles Castro
Wardrobe CrewEmily Stober
Delaney Lynch
Front-of-House SupervisorDavid McGraw
House ManagersKeri Anderson
Ella Huestis
Jack Morrill
Poster DesignSydney Dye

Musical Numbers

Act 1

“Prologue: Into the Woods”……Company

“Hello, Little Girl”…….Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood

“I Guess This is Goodbye”…….Jack

“Maybe They’re Magic”…….Baker’s Wife

“Our Little World”…….Witch, Rapunzel

“I Know Things Now”…….Little Red Ridinghood

“A Very Nice Prince”…….Cinderella, Baker’s Wife

“Giants in the Sky”…….Jack

“Agony”…….Cinderella’s Prince, Rapunzel’s Prince

“It Takes Two”…….Baker, Baker’s Wife

“Stay With Me”…….Witch

“On the Step of the Palace”…….Cinderella

“Ever After”…….Narrator, Company

Act 2

“Prologue: So Happy”…….Company

“Agony”…….Cinderella’s Prince, Rapunzel’s Prince


“Any Moment”…….Cinderella’s Prince, Baker’s Wife

“Moments in the Woods”…….Baker’s Wife

“Your Fault”…….Jack, Baker, Witch, Little Red Ridinghood

“Last Midnight”…….Witch

“No More”…….Baker, Mysterious Man

“No One Is Alone”…….Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Baker, Jack

“FINALE: Children Will Listen”…….Company