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A Chorus Line

A CHORUS LINE is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Tams-Witmark LLC.

Original Broadway production produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp, Producers, in association with Plum Productions, Inc.

Costume Design inspired by the original Broadway production designed by Theoni V. Aldredge.

Scenic Design inspired by the original Broadway production designed by Robin Wagner.

Lighting Design inspired by the original Broadway Production designed by Tharon Musser.

The videotaping or making of electronic or other audio and/or visual recordings of this production and distributing recordings or streams in any medium, including the internet, is strictly prohibited, a violation of the author(s)’s rights and actionable under United States Copyright Law. More more information, visit

Director Notes

The first show album I ever owned was A Chorus Line. I listened to it over and over and knew every lyric by heart. The show gave dancers a voice, something a 13 year old ballerina didn’t have at the time. That album as I look back today, was the beginning of my path in musical theatre. I found stories in the songs that I could relate to, and it opened my world. A world where I too could, and eventually did, use my voice.

This show is about one’s passion and love for their chosen path, whatever that path may be. Knowing so clearly what you have to do. Making sacrifices in order to do so. Putting yourself ‘on the line’ for that love.

A Chorus Line opened on Broadway on July 25th, 1975.There had never been a show like it before, nor really since. For the first time, every single performer on that stage was given the opportunity to be a triple threat: An actor, dancer, and singer.

The idea for this show came from Tony Stevens and Michon Peacock. Cassette tape recordings were made of a group of dancers who met at an exercise studio on 3rd avenue in NYC to share stories from their past. Mr. Bennett wove those stories together to create A Chorus Line, along with the inspiring music of Marvin Hamlisch, the beautiful and clever lyrics of Edward Kleban, and the book by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama – not to mention the twelve Tony Award nominations and nine wins.

Why does this show still resonate with us today? I believe it’s because the characters’ stories, struggles, and ambitions are things that all of us can recognize within ourselves. It’s about the underdog who fights, regardless of if they win or lose. It’s about recognizing those who must rise above themselves to be heard and seen. It’s about being who you are, the good and bad, and doing so on your own terms. The world may not look like it did in 1975, but the challenge of finding your voice is eternal – for dancers, storytellers, and anyone holding on to something that must be let out.

I am so grateful to go on this journey once again and pay forward the gift of ACL to these students at Elon.

“Won’t forget, can’t regret, what I did for love.”

Jane Lanier


Special Thanks

Frank Kliegal (very special thanks to him), Rob Brown, Michael McDonald, Fred Rubeck, Natalie Taylor Hart, Charles Johnson, Brian Kremer, Dr. Connie Book, Dr. Gabie Smith, Rebecca Kohn, Kimberly Rippy, David McGraw


ZachAlex Carnot
Laura (u/s Judy)Anya Jones
CassieElla Huestis
Sheila BryantJaid Green
Val ClarkMK McDonald
Diana MoralesMallorie Sievert
Judy TurnerGabriella Scarpace
Kristine Deluca (u/s Sheila)Helena Padial
Maggie WinslowAnne-Sophie Hill
Bebe BenzenheimerMaddie Hewgley
Connie Singh (u/s Val)Tara Venkataraman
Mike CostaNoah Macam
Richie WaltersGabriel Logan
Don KerrTristan Altobelli
Paul San MarcoCharlie Castro
Mark AnthonyEric Pettit
Greg Gardner (u/s Richie)Kameron Askew
Bobby Henry Mills IIICharlie Pelletier
Al DelucaCampy Rodriguez
Vicki (u/s Diana & Maggie)Sammy Azua
Tricia (u/s Kristine & Laura)Emily Stober
Lois (u/s Connie & Bebe)Angelina Mancuso
Frank (u/s Greg & Don)Tommy Pegan
Butch (u/s Mike, Paul & Al)Derick Donato
Roy (u/s Mark)Gavin Miller
Tom (u/s Bobby)Kyle Brady
Swing (u/s Cassie)Summer Severin

Creative Team

DirectorJane Lanier
Student Assistant DirectorElsa Keefe
ChoreographerCourtney Liu
Student Assistant ChoreographerSummer Severin
Dance CaptainAnya Jones
Music DirectorChris Rayis
Student Assistant Music DirectorsHashini Amarasinghe
Kyra Britt
Scenic Coordinator/ Projection DesignerNatalie Taylor Hart
Costume CoordinatorKayla Higbee
Asst. Costume CoordinatorJosie Milner
Hair & Makeup DesignerKayla McBratney
Sound DesignerMike Smith
Audio EngineerSavion Taylor
Audio 2Nik Heiser
Lighting DesignerGregory Thorn
Asst. Lighting DesignerSarah Kay Adams
Stage Manager/ Board OperatorBrianna Boucher
Asst. Stage ManagersHailey Avari
Philip Doherty

Production Team

Technical DirectorLuis Silva
Production ManagerCharles Johnson
Costume Shop ManagerHeidi Jo Schiemer
Props CoordinatorChris Fields
Props CrewAnnika Benander
Followspot OperatorsKate Regan
George Zemla
Fly OperatorElla Davison
Set CrewParker Bowen
Wardrobe SupervisorAilish O’Brien
Wardrobe CrewBrooke Chamberlin
Ella Davidson
Madelynn Forcier
Front-of-House SupervisorDavid J. McGraw
House ManagerLillian Chen
Emily Moxon
Ava Schneider
Poster DesignSydney Dye

Musical Numbers

Opening: I Hope I Get It ….. Full Company

I Can Do That ….. Mike

…And… ….. Richie, Val, Judy, Company

At The Ballet ….. Sheila, Bebe, Maggie

Sing ….. Kristine, Al, Company

Montage, Part 1: Hello Twelve ….. Mark, Connie, Company

Montage, Part 2: Nothing ….. Diana

Montage, Part 3: Mother ….. Full Company

Montage, Part 4 ….. Judy, Greg, Richie, Company

Dance: Ten, Looks: Three ….. Val

The Music and The Mirror ….. Cassie

One ….. Full Company

Tap Dance ….. Full Company

What I Did For Love ….. Diana, Company

Bows ….. Full Company


Conductor: Chris Rayis

Trumpet: Gavin Tranter

Trombone: Katie Cox

Piccolo/Flute/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone: Taiki Azuma

Oboe/Clarinet/English Horn/Tenor Saxophone: Thomas Turanchik

Flute/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon/Baritone Saxophone: Brian Blauch

Keyboard:Tyson Hankins

Bass: Stuart McLemore

Drum Set: Steve McHugh

Auxiliary Percussion: Mike Huestis

Associate Music Directors: Hashini Amarasinghe & Kyra Britt


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