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Collage 2021

Production Team

Faculty AdvisorJohn McCarty
Collage Student DirectorsKali Clougherty & Hannah Hubbard
Director (A Musical)Kali Clougherty
Music Director (A Musical)Kaylee Hayden
Choreographer (A Musical)Hannah Hubbard
Director (Master of the House)Zion Middleton
Choreographer (Master of the House)Jaron Cole
Music Director (Master of the House)Zion Middleton
Director & Choreographer (Burn/World Burn)Kayla Jacobs
Arranger (Burn/World Burn)Cara DelPietro
Director (A Whole New World)Jaelyn Alexander
Choreographer (A Whole New World)Kayla Jacobs
Music Director (A Whole New World)Jaelyn Alexander
Director (Donny Novitski)Sara LiBrandi
Choreographer (Donny Novitski)Jaid Green
Music Director & Arranger (Donny Novitski)Mallorie Sievert
Director & Choreographer (You Can’t Stop the Beat)Cullen Zeno
Music Director (You Can’t Stop the Beat)Hannah Hubbard
Director (The Key Is)Brooks Andrew
Choreographers (The Key Is)Brooks Andrew & Alex Segarra
Music Director (The Key Is)Taylor Mitchell
Directors (Night of Nights)Kayla Jacobs & Alex Segarra
Music Director (Night of Nights)Jaelyn Alexander
Directors (The Prom)Micah Day and Sara LiBrandi
Choreographers (The Prom)Zeth Dixon & Jaid Green
Music Directors (The Prom)Camille Fundingsland & Mallorie Sievert
PianoHaidee Dollak
DrumsChristina Lowder
Stage ManagersMia McManamy, Charlee Rubino, Tara Ventkataraman
SoundKameron Askew
Front of House SupervisorDavid McGraw
House ManagersElla Huestis & Laura McGuire

Special Thanks

Jen Guy Metcalf, David McGraw