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Grand Night

Director’s Note

Every year I get the privilege of witnessing Elon Music Theatre’s creativity, collaboration, innovation, skill, and commitment to growth as the students build Grand Night from the rehearsal room floor up.  

Like everything else right now, this spring’s Grand Night looks different, and it has proven our students’ inventive resilience and commitment to learning new things under limiting circumstances. 

For this year’s Grand Night, the true directors, creators, arrangers, choreographers, and visual storytellers are our students, and I am glad you’re joining us to celebrate all the ways they are bringing beauty and artistry into this moment. Thank you for sharing this evening with us. 

Special Thanks

The Elon Music Theatre Faculty and Staff: Julio Matos, Brian Kremer, Deb Leamy, John McCarty, Haidee Dollak, Tyson Hankins, Lauren Kearns, Bill Webb, and Kimberly Rippy 

Production Team

Artistic DirectorDan Callaway
Music DirectorDan Gibson
Director of VideographyWillem Butler
PianoTyson Hankins
DrumsChristina Flaherty

Senior Speeches

Katie Brnjac
Oliver Davids
Cara DiPietro
Eddie Falshaw
Audrey Flowers
Travis Flynt
Meredith Fox
GraceAnn Kontak
Sarah Liddy
Braden Phillips
Christine Wanda

Song Credits

Medley from The Prom — First Years 

Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin

Direction: Sara LiBrandi and Micah Day

Music Direction: Mallorie Sievert

Choreography: Jaid Green and Zeth Dixon

Videography: Weston LeCrone, McKenna Meeks

Editing: Sara LiBrandi

Sound: Mallorie Sievert and Camille Fundingsland

“Beautiful City” from Godspell 

Music and Lyrics: Steven Schwartz 

Direction: Kali Clougherty

Music Direction: Gianni Palmarini

Choreography: Jaid Green

Videography: Hector Lopez Sanchez, Weston LeCrone, & Braden Phillips

Editing: Kali Clougherty and Weston LeCrone

Sound: Kaylee Hayden and Gianni Palmarini

“You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray 

Music and Lyrics by Mark Shaiman and Scott Wittman 

Direction and Choreography: Cullen Zeno

Music Direction: Hannah Hubbard

Videography: Hunt Hendrix, Collin Kerr

Sound: Michael Gaffney

Lighting: Haley Richey, Riley Gibson

“Meadowlark” from The Baker’s Wife 

Music and Lyrics by Steven Schwartz

Direction: Sidney Nicole Wilson

Music Arrangement and Direction: Kevin Lacey

Videography: Sidney Nicole Wilson

Editing: Sidney Nicole Wilson


“Donny Novitski” from Band Stand 

Music and Lyrics by Richard Oberacker and Robert Taylor

Direction: Sara LiBrandi

Vocal Arrangement and Music Direction: Mallorie Sievert

Choreography: Jaid Green

Videography: Willem Butler

Lighting: Riley Gibson, Haley Richey, and Jessica Valente

Editing: Sara LiBrandi

Sound: Mallorie Sievert

“The Key Is” from Alice by Heart 

Music by Duncan Sheik Lyrics by Steven Sater 

Direction: Faythe Kelly and Brooks Andrew

Music Direction: Nathan Meyer and Taylor Mitchell

Videography: Hector Lopez-Sanchez 

Editing: Hector Lopez-Sanchez 

Sound: Nathan Meyer

Asian Persuasion: A Bruno Mars Mashup 

Songs made famous by Bruno Mars 

Direction and Music Direction: Stephanie Zaharis

Choreography: Daniel Brackett

Videography: Willem Butler

Editing: Willem Butler

Sound: Andrew High

Hadestown Mashup 

Music and Lyrics by Anaïs Mitchell

Direction, Musical Direction, Arrangement, and Staging: Travis Flynt

Videography: Mabel Kitchens (Director of Photography), Collin Kerr (Cameraman), Hunt Hendrix (Cameraman), Jesse Newman (Cameraman) 

Editing: Mabel Kitchens

Sound: Michael Gaffrey (Mix Engineer), Mabel Kitchens (Recording Engineer)

“Master of the House” from Les Miserables 

Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg Lyrics by Alain Boublil 

Direction: Zion Middleton

Musical Direction: Daniel Rabinowitz and Zion Middleton

Choreography: Faythe Kelly

Videography: Sara LiBrandi

Editing: Sara LiBrandi 

Sound: Cara DiPietro

“A Whole New World” from Aladdin

Music by Alan Menken

Direction: Kamal Lado and Kevin Lacey

Music Direction: Kevin Lacey

Choreography: Kamal Lado

Videography: Willem Butler

Editing: Willem Butler

“A Night to Remember” from High School Musical 3 

Songwriters: Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil, David Lawrence, Faye Greenberg 

Direction: Hannah Hubbard

Choreography: Kayla Jacobs and Alex Segarra

Music Direction: Jaelyn Alexander 

Videography: Willem Butler and McKenna Meeks

Editing: McKenna Meeks 

Sound: Jaelyn Alexander 

“Burn/World Burn” from Hamilton and Mean Girls 

“Burn” music and lyrics by Lin Manuel Miranda 

“World Burn” music and lyrics by Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin 

Direction, Music Direction, and Arrangement: Cara DiPietro

Videography: McKenna Meeks

Editing: McKenna Meeks

Sound: Cara DiPietro

“Mr. Sandman”  

Songwriter: Pat Ballard

Direction: Hannah Hubbard and Daniel Rabinowitz 

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Daniel Rabinowitz 

Choreography: Hannah Hubbard 

Videography: David D’Ardenne 

Editing: David D’Ardenne 

Sound: Hannah Hubbard

“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” 

Songwriter: Sonny Bono

Direction: Hannah Ellowitz, Kamal Lado, and Willem Butler

Music Direction: Nathan Keffer

Choreography: Kamal Lado and Timothy Brausch

Videography: Willem Butler

Editing: Willem Butler

Sound: Nathan Keffer


“A Musical” from Something Rotten 

Music and Lyrics by Karey Kirkpatrick and Wayne Kirkpatrick

Direction: Hannah Hubbard and Kali Clougherty

Musical Direction: Kaylee Hayden

Choreography: Hannah Hubbard

Videography: Katie Norman 

Editing: Caleb Martin 

Sound: Kaylee Hayden 

“For Now” from Avenue Q 

Music and lyrics by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez 

Direction: Oliver Davids

Musical Direction: Matt Seib

Choreography: Oliver Davids

Videography: Oliver Davids and Eddie Falshaw

Editing: Oliver Davids and Eddie Falshaw

Sound: Oliver Davids

“I Will Turn to You”

Music by Dan Gibson Lyrics by Christopher Staskel


Stephanie Ainsworth
Katie Brnjac
Oliver Davids
Cara DiPietro
Eddie Falshaw
Haile Ferrier
Audrey Flowers
Travis Flynt
Meredith Fox
GraceAnn Kontak
Kevin Lacey
Kamal Lado
Sarah Liddy
Dariana Mullen
Braden Phillips
Daniela Rodrigo
Evan Schacter
Matt Seib
Andrey Vdovenko
Christine Wanda
Sidney Wilson
Stephanie Zaharis


Jaelyn Alexander
Daniel Brackett
Timothy Brausch
Willem Butler
Kali Clougherty
Brendan Coulter
Andy Edelman
Hannah Ellowitz
Anna Hertel
Hannah Hubbard
Kayla Jacobs
Nathan Keffer
Weston LeCrone
McKenna Meeks
Tyler Okunski
Gianni Palmarini
Alexandra Pouloutides
Daniel Rabinowitz
Julianne Roberts
Skyler Sajewski
Alexander Segarra
Audrey Trullinger
Kenny Wells
John Zamborsky
Cullen Zeno


Brooks Andrew
Kelly Belarmino
Jaron Cole
Abigayle Harnum
Kaylee Hayden
Faythe Kelly
Jacqueline Mate
Nathan Meyer
Zion Middleton
Taylor Mitchell
Sayo Oni
Sujaya Sunkara
Renell Taylor
Giselle Watts

First Years

Tristan Altobelli
Jacob Atkins
Caroline Borio
Micah Day
Zeth Dixon
Camille Fundingsland
Jaid Green
Anne-Sophie Hill
Elsa Keefe
Hannah Kevitt
Sara LiBrandi
Mary Kate McDonald
Candace Rhodes
Mallorie Sievert