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Director’s Notes

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Spring Dance Concert. Our dancers have been working hard, and I am incredibly proud of the dedication and passion they have shown throughout the rehearsal process. This year’s concert promises to be a vibrant celebration of dance.  

Thank you to the choreographers, who have poured their creativity and vision into each piece. They have challenged our dancers to push beyond their comfort zones and to express themselves fully. And finally, I would like to thank you, our audience, for joining us tonight and supporting the arts. I hope that the performance will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy the show.

Special Thanks

Lauren Kearns, Becca Wycoff, David McGraw, Jen Guy Metcalf, Kimberly Rippy, The Theatrical Design & Technology Faculty and Staff, The Elon College of Arts and Sciences


Alone, Together

Choreographed by ShaLeigh Comerford in collaboration with the dancers

Music Credit: “Mirage” by Biz, “Grand Finale (Track 2)” by Hofesh Shechter, “Yasei” by Aston Royce & Mvgmvr

Costume Designer: Heidi Jo Schiemer 

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

“Someone, somewhere, will say, ‘Don’t do it. You don’t have what it takes to survive the wilderness.’ This is when you reach deep into your wild heart and remind yourself, ‘I am the wilderness.’” Brené Brown

Dancers: Anaya Agard (Saturday 2pm), Pheriby Bryan, Amanda Cousins, Hannah Giessler, Olivia Lanter, Gaby Minionis (Friday 7:30), Emma Morris, Katey O’Connell, Parker MacIntyre, Isabella Piccirilli, Rachel Rightmeyer, Sophie Seitchik (Saturday 7:30, Sunday 2pm)

Eternal Return, Goddam

Choreographed by Keshia Wall in collaboration with Dr. Ryan Johnson

Music Credit: “Mississippi Goddam” by Nina Simone, “Lonesome Valley” by the Fairfield Four

Costume Designer: Heidi Jo Schiemer

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

Projection Design: Mark Williams

Dancers: Khairi Morrow, Kayla Spalding


Choreographed by Casey Avaunt in collaboration with the dancers

Music Credit: Nicholas Jaar and Will Epstein Never Have I Ever

Costume Designer: Heidi Jo Schiemer

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dancers: Lilly Beaver, Madison Boyer, Pheriby Bryan, Angelina DeMartino, Collin Flanagan, Hannah Furey, Caroline Irmscher, Lauren Jacobbe, Lia Kelly, Parker MacIntyre, Gia Nguyen

Understudy: Natalie Dixon

Catching Light (2022)

Choreographed by Lauren Kearns with movement improvisation by the dancers

Music Credit: Giovanni Venosta (1961-present)

Sound Editor: Robert Kearns

Costume Designer: Heidi Jo Schiemer

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

This piece was originally choreographed in Florence, Italy, during the summer of 2022, as part of the Dancing with Florence site specific study abroad course and developed while I was an artist in residence at the Murate Arts complex in Florence. Catching Light is my creative exploration and interpretation of Le Murate as a historical, contextual, and artistic site. I examined the literal meaning of Le Murate – – the wall – – as that which physically and mentally confines us and juxtaposed that with the humanistic yearning to be free and in charge of one’s own destiny. The title, Catching Light, was inspired by learning that the prisoners only had a small window that allowed light to enter their cell and if the guards chose, they could block the light out completely, leaving the prisoners in total darkness. The idea of trying to ‘catch the light’ became a cornerstone of the piece, both conceptually and in the movement framework, illuminating reaching for freedom, autonomy, and hope. 

Dancers: Brooke Goldstein, Amanda Cousins, Phoebe Crumbine, Maggie Davenport, Caroline Irmscher, Lauren Jacobbe, Makayla Kanerviko, Lia Kelly, Olivia Lanter, Gaby Minionis, Maya Simmons, Kayla Spalding

Understudy: Aleah Newman, Sophie Seitchik

2123 AD

Choreographed by Jiwon Ha

Music Credit: Joep Beving – Hanging D and Peter Gregson – Somnia

Costume Designers: Heidi Jo Schiemer

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

Act I Survivors in a Time of Chaos
Act II Lost Civilization

Dancers: Collin Flanagan, Lindsey Goldstein, Anna Iglesias, Mia Johnson, Gia Nguyen, Katey O’Connell, Sarah Rothacker, Lilly Sears, Summer Severin, Lila Snodgrass

LOTTO (excerpt 2002)

Choreographed by Ming-Lung Yang

Music Credit: “Megamix” by Tranquility Bass from Reich Remixed and “Mind of My Mind” by Vernon Reid & Masque from Other True Self

Costume Designer: Heidi Jo Schiemer

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

Dancers: Sol Addison, Lilly Beaver, Phoebe Crumbine, Maggie Davenport, Sophie David, Evelyn Ealey, Hannah Giessler, Brooke Goldstein, Makayla Kanerviko, Amy Palmer, Isabella Piccirilli, Luella Rick, Rachel Rightmyer, Maya Simmons

Understudy: Hannah Harris, Kelsi Sheren

Production Team

Artistic DirectorCasey Avaunt
Production ManagerBecca Wycoff
Costume CoordinatorHeidi Jo Schiemer
Sound AdvisorMichael Smith
Technical DirectorBill Webb
Light Board OpCasey Spielman
Sound Board Op
Deck CrewHashini Amarasinghe
Sammy Azua
Wardrobe Crew Maddie Hewgley
House ManagersElla Huestis
Jack Morrill
Poster DesignSydney Dye