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Fugitive Songs

“Fugitive Songs” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., a Concord Theatrical Company. “Fugitive Songs” was originally produced in New York City by Dreamlight Theatre Company.

Audience Advisory: This production includes adult language and content and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Director’s Notes

Creating art during this past year has been the most trying of times, but also, and surprisingly, the most precious. Having the opportunity to collaborate, devise and direct the ship at Fugitive Songs with these young and talented artists has been a remarkable elixir for all that has been ailing us. First and foremost, as I am ever fascinated by the ways that dance and movement can intermingle in new and exciting ways within theatre pieces, I am so grateful the cast was willing to explore this. Their commitment to the movement has never waned. In addition, it was an early goal of mine to pay homage to the hearing impaired. Throughout this pandemic not being able to read lips and see faces has created a host of issues for us all but for some, it has been a particular and consistent hardship. I wanted to acknowledge this by rooting all of the movement in sign language as a celebration of body language. We are, after all, bodies who need to communicate and always have a lot to say. Fugitive Songs is about yearning, longing, and reaching for that next phase of our lives. Wanting to escape where we are and be somewhere else. Even though this focus on the future goes against my Buddhist nature, never has there been a better time to dream of escaping our present.

Special Thanks

Chris Miller, Nathan Tysen, Julio Matos, Rick Earl, and the UWM Peck School of the Arts MFA Program


GavinMatt Seib
AlyshaSarah Liddy
ToddNathan Keffer
HalleHannah Ellowitz
MattWeston LeCrone
SofiaHannah Kevitt
DBEddie Falshaw
AnnieKelly Belarmino
JoshuaDaniel Brackett
BarrettDaniela Rodrigo
BenDaniel Rabinowitz
RachelMeredith Fox
U/S Gavin, DB, JoshuaBrendan Coulter
U/S Alysha, Halle, BarrettKayla Jacobs
U/S Todd, Matt, BenWillem Butler
U/S Sofia, Annie, RachelAnna Hertel

Creative Team

Director/ ChoreographerDeb Leamy
Asst. Director/ ChoreographerJaron Cole
Asst. Director/ ChoreographerSujaya Sunkara
Music DirectorJohn McCarty
Rehearsal AccompanistHaidee Dollak
DramaturgLake Sims-Winfrey
Scenic DesignerEric Kanzinger
Scenic Design MentorNatalie Taylor Hart
Costume DesignerCaitlin Duncan
Asst. Costume DesignerJack Smith
Sound DesignerMike Smith
Audio MixerDan Gibson
Asst. Sound MixerTaylor Mitchell
Lighting DesignerAlicia Varcoe
Guitar CaptainBrendan Coulter

Production Team

Stage ManagerGrace Granger
Technical DirectorJP Mullican
Asst. Stage ManagerJessica Valente
Asst. Stage ManagerCarli Shapiro 
Production ManagerBill Webb
Props ManagerAnna Thomson
Sound AdvisorDan Gibson
Light Board OpAllyson Vogel
Followspot OpJonathan Jenson
Sound Board OpMike Smith
Videographer/ EditorJordan Young
VideographerCaleb Martin
Video AdvisorJ McMerty

Musical Numbers

Reasons to Run……….Full Cast

Getting There……….Gavin

Annie’s Party……….Annie

Growing Up……….Ben 

Don’t Say Me……….Alysha with Rachel, Sofia, Barrett, DB, Ben, Matt

Town Goes Boom……….Joshua

Lullaby……….Rachel, DB, Sofia (Direction/Choreography by Sujaya Sunkara and Jaron Cole)

Wilson……….Matt, Halle, Barrett, with Daniel Brackett, Whistle duet: Nathan Keffer & Eddie Falshaw

Break a Branch……….Rachel with Annie, Sofia, and Full Cast. Additional Guitar: Meredith Fox

Spring Cleaning……….Halle

Kansas Highway Sky……….Todd, Ben, DB, with Matt, Gavin, Joshua

Passing Tracy……….Todd. Additional Guitar: Nathan Keffer

Subway Song……….Matt with Todd, Ben, DB, Gavin, Joshua

Poor Little Patty……….Barrett, Alysha

Shine……….Joshua with Full Cast


Wildflowers……….Gavin, Sofia

I Could Go Back……….Alysha with Full Cast plus Understudies 

One Of These Nights……….Full Cast

The Band

Piano: Haidee Dollak

Violin: Richard Dunn II

Electric Guitar: Mark Mazzatenta

Acoustic Guitar: Allan Beck

Electric and Upright Bass: Rebecca Marland

Drums/Percussion: Steve McHugh