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Collage, Sunday, Nov. 8, 7:30 pm
3 Music Theatre Majors, Triptych 1

Director’s Note

The etymology of “Collage” suggests gluing together.  

Appropriately, my original attempts to assemble our fall revue in a safe and distanced context resembled a toddler wielding a rubber cement brush still unsure of his dominant hand. This is where wise and skillful students and understanding colleagues came in to collaborate and accommodate. Thank you. 

This evening we share art within constraints; we sing of shedding light, changing times, being found, shaking off the devil, dreaming impossible dreams, using mercy, knowing freedom, and becoming one.  

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to understand that we are inextricably attached (even glued), and our hope is that these songs point us toward our connection; from that understanding, let’s create something beautiful.

Elon Music Theatre Majors, Triptych 2

Production Team

Artistic DirectorDan Callaway
Assistant DirectorJaelyn Alexander
Director of VideographyWillem Butler
Sound MixingCara DiPietro
PianoHaidee Dollak
DrumsChristina Palermo
GuitarCamille Fundingsland
GuitarMicah Day
UkuleleMary Kate McDonald
Director and Music Direction (This is Me/You Will be Found)Cara DiPietro
Director and Choreographer (Shake it Out)Faythe Kelly
Music Arranger (Shake it Out)Kaylee Hayden
Director and Music Direction (The Impossible Dream)Zion Middleton
Video Recording 1Willem Butler
Video Recording 2McKenna Meeks
Video Recording 3Kaylee Hayden
Video Recording 4Hector Lopez
Video Recording 5Weston LeCrone

Special Thanks

Lauren Kearns, Bill Webb, Jason McMerty, JP Mulligan, Julio Matos, Kamal Lado, David McGraw and the House Management Team

Production Photos